A spend management platform that runs on the card of your choice

Your company credit card, with Extend, becomes a powerful tool for managing payments and expense processes.

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Virtual card web and mobile app

A simple app with the features that matter

It’s not another complex software platform—just an easy way to control and manage spend with the company credit card you already have.

4 different containers that show different aspects of the product/ The fist shows types of virtual cards, the second one shows confirmation message of joining an org, the third one shows a virtual card and the fourth one shows a budget.
Screen with code written on it. On top of it there is a graphic of multiple stacked credit cards

Virtual card API

The most flexible virtual card platform for your custom integration

Integrate the Extend virtual card API into your systems for a payment solution that scales.

See what people are saying.

Easy to use solution for virtual credit cards


"PayWithExtend is a very easy platform to use for virtual credit cards, both for administrators and end users. We set up over 90 virtual credit cards in our first year of using them and had no complaints from our employees."

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Verified User in Real Estate


Great addition to the company


"Each company has a card and not our information."

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Melissa B.

Office Manager - Retail

Simple Interface


"Extend makes it very easy to manage and track spend across multiple business areas/clients/platforms etc."

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Mike G.


Oversee project & team spending easily


"Extend ease of use is exactly what you expect in 2023. Fast to set up, easy to grasp, easy to use. What I like best is hos simple it is to create new credit cards and send them to your team."

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Verified User in Information Technology and Services




"Simple browsing through the platform. Easy and quick setup and management of cards is possible. Downloadable Excel files for payment information are available."

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Theresa B.

Casting Director/Partner - Staffing and Recruiting