Vendor payments
A virtual card for every vendor

Creating virtual cards for each of your suppliers is easier than cutting checks, dealing with wrongful billing and fraudulent activity, or trying to reconcile invoices to a lengthy card statement.

See how it works
Fanncing card shapes with a picture of a warehouse inside the top shape.
Increase security
Keep dedicated virtual cards on file and reduce the hassle of fraud
Control every charge
Prevent overcharges with set limits
Streamline reconciliation
Tag cards and transactions with custom reference codes
Simplify processes
Email cards directly to vendors via secure link
"Anytime we had to deal with fraud, it would take 6 months for me to update every vendor with the new card number. And that would happen about twice a year. With Extend, I never have to deal with that again."
How it works

Pay bills on your terms

Virtual cards give you control and security over every transaction. Keep virtual cards on file with all your vendors and pay invoices with peace of mind.

Create a card the instant you need one

Paying a one-time invoice or leaving a card on file for recurring expenses? Use a virtual card. Create them for yourself or send them directly to employees or vendors.

  • Set spending limits and expiration dates
  • Deactivate & reactivate cards anytime
  • Get real-time activity notifications

Manage subscriptions in one place

Track all your card payments in one place, and easily turn cards on/off to manage subscription payments.

Reconcile card purchases as they happen

Don’t wait until the end of the month to find out you were overcharged. See transactions as they happen, attach receipts and invoices, and create custom reference tags to match your general ledger.

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