Track spending
Control spending before it happens

Create virtual cards for different projects, clients, campaigns, etc, or manage project-based expenses and organize spending for better visibility and control.

See how it works
3 card shapes staggered on top of each other with different labels for each
Organize spending
Create different virtual cards and budgets for different expenses with robust spend controls
Stay on budget
Organize project-based expenses and ensure teams stay on budget
Real-time visibility
Get real-time activity notifications and eliminate those end-of-the-month surprises
"In the past, I would make purchases for all of our shows on one central card and then had to make sure it got charged back to the right production. Now, I just create different virtual cards for each show in the beginning and then everything is organized so I can keep track of spending and know how much budget we have left."
How it works

Don’t wait till the end of the month to find out you’re over budget

Stay on top of company spending when you organize expenses with virtual cards.

Control every charge

If you can charge it, use a virtual card. Set spending limits, expiration dates, and get notified of transaction activity so you can closely monitor your company’s finances in real time.

Image of mobile phone with the Extend app showing about a Budget with push notifications

Automatically stay on budget

Manage project or client-based expenses with budgets to ensure your team never goes over approved spending—and you never have to eat the cost.

Understand spending in real time

See where your company is spending, easily sort through transactions, and proactively manage finances with real-time reporting. No more end-of-the-month surprises, unaccounted for charges, or wrongful billing.

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