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Integrating card payments into your business just got easier

Streamline workflows by integrating the Extend virtual card API directly into your business applications.

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Several virtual cards layered on top of each other with a snippet of the API code in the background

Why Extend
The most flexible API for making and managing card payments

Extend's virtual card API gives businesses an easy way to leverage virtual card issuing and payment controls within existing processes and applications.

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Work with the bank of your choice across the Extend partner network.
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Innovate with the latest new features and integrations.
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Easily code to the API and webhooks with open documentation.
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Get up and running quickly with technical support from the Extend team.

How it works
Streamline workflows with integrated card payments

Payment modernization is powering new business models, creating back-office efficiencies and giving companies a new path for growth.

Automate payments at scale

Manage a high volume of transactions by instantly issuing virtual cards for specific purposes.

Transaction list graphic from the Extend app, emphasizing on "air fare" transaction, with a success toast at the bottom stating "you've created 50 virtual cards", with a snippet of the API code in the background.
Image containing account information for a user to enter, in addition to coding language and a lock icon with a checkmark

Set strict security controls

Dynamically control card limits on unique virtual cards to prevent overcharging and reduce fraud.

Instantly match transactions

Capture more metadata to track and categorize transactions for seamless reconciliation and improved custom servicing.

White cards with details about a transaction, including an image of some code and a blue container with a dollar sign, checkmarks, and white lines
Centralized purchasing with virtual card APIs

See how this manufacturer integrated the Extend virtual card API into its CRM platform to streamline procurement operations.

Read the case study
Extend launches API to help SMBs Integrate Virtual Card Payments into core business applications

Extend API makes integrated payments more accessible by offering digital card issuance from traditional bank credit lines.

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Integrate the Extend API into any open business application

Businesses are integrating the Extend API directly into CRM or ERP software, procurement platforms, and proprietary business applications to modernize the way they make and manage card payments.

A large green dollar sign with a half completed blue outline of a credit card
Create virtual cards at scale from your existing credit line.
Tag cards with GL codes or automated reconciliation.
Issue virtual cards to recipients with just an email address.
Blue outline of a desktop computer, with a green pie graph and combination graph displayed on the desktop computer's screen
See auth and clearing data in real time with webhooks.
Set custom card controls such as limits, validity, dates, auth controls and MCC restrictions.
A green dollar sign inside of a blue outline of a shield emblem
Automatically send cards directly to vendors for easy and secure payment processing.
"This is the fastest, most seamless partner integration we have ever done. Not only was Extend's virtual card API solution modern and easy to use, but they provided the technical support and expertise we needed to rapidly deploy."

—Michael Duffy, Head of Product, GraspPay

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Talk to the experts

Learn more about the Extend API and discover if it's right for your business.

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