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What is Extend?
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Extend is a simple way to manage company card spend all in one place with the power of virtual cards. With our easy-to-use app, you can create and send virtual cards on demand with your existing business credit card—giving you better control, transparency, and efficiency in your spend management processes.

How can I use Extend virtual cards for my business?
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Use any number of unique virtual cards to pay vendors, manage subscription costs, and send to team members for all their expense needs. Extend also comes with features to streamline bookkeeping, including receipt and invoice attachments, custom reference codes, and expense software integrations.

How does Extend work?
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Extend works with any participating business credit card, enabling you to create virtual cards from your existing credit line. Simply create an Extend account, register your credit card, and start creating virtual cards for all your purchases.

Why virtual cards?

What is a virtual card?
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A virtual card is a randomly generated card number associated with your credit card account. Virtual cards were designed for both security and efficiency. The ability to set limits and spend controls reduces your account's exposure, and if a virtual card is compromised, it doesn't affect your entire credit line. Meanwhile, you can instantly create and distribute virtual cards, removing the need for mailing and managing plastic cards. Learn more here.

Why should I use virtual cards?
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Virtual cards were designed for security and they make managing company credit cards more efficient. The ability to create unique cards for each transaction and set limits, reduces your credit card’s exposure risk and prevents wrongful billing. Virtual cards are also a powerful spend management tool that lets you create cards on demand, send them to team members, and capture more data with every transaction. 

How do Extend virtual cards work?
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With Extend, you can create as many virtual cards as you need from a single line of credit—no more sharing company cards or leaving the same card number on file with all your vendors. With each virtual card you create, you can set spending limits and expiration dates, and even attach custom references to match the general ledger or other internal codes you use to run your business.

How do virtual cards help me with spend management?
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By using virtual cards for all your expense needs, you can set robust spend controls, track and categorize transactions, and streamline bookkeeping with automated reconciliation and expense integrations.

Getting started

How I do know if I'm eligible to use Extend?

To use Extend, you must have an active commercial credit card with one of our participating bank partners. We support customers of American Express, Bank of the West, City National Bank, Pacific Western Bank, Regions Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, and Comdata, with more banks to come. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us ( to check if Extend is available with your bank.

How do I sign up for Extend?

Getting started is easy: simply create an Extend user account with your business email. Once logged in, follow the prompts to register your commercial credit card. Please note the card registration processes may vary by issuer. Contact if you need help with registration.

Can any credit card be registered on Extend?

Extend supports corporate or business credit cards of participating bank partners.

Using Extend

How can I access Extend?

You can access Extend online at or download the Apple or Android mobile app for free. You can also integrate Extend's API into your workflows to automate virtual card creation and distribution at scale.

Once you've registered your credit card, you can immediately start creating virtual cards and budgets. With each card, you have the ability to set spending limits, expiration dates, and auto-refill parameters for ongoing purchase needs or recurring subscription costs.

Where can virtual cards be used?

Virtual cards can be used just like any other credit card for online or in-app purchases. Virtual cards can also be loaded into mobile wallets* for use at point-of-sale where contactless payments are accepted.

*Please note, not all of our participating bank partners support mobile wallet acceptance at this time.

Can I add a virtual card to my mobile wallet in Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Yes! Some of our participating bank partners support mobile wallet acceptance at this time. Please contact us to learn more.

Is there a limit on the number of virtual cards that can be created?

With Extend, you can create as many virtual cards as you need.

Does Extend integrate with accounting and expense software?

Yes, Extend supports integration with Expensify and Quickbooks Online, with more integrations on the way. With some of our participating bank partners, we also offer a downloadable QBO file for quick and easy Extend data imports.


Can my employees or team members use Extend?

Of course! To send someone a virtual card, all you have to do is input their email address when creating a card. Team members can access and request virtual cards via their Extend user accounts. Want to send cards to contractors or directly to vendors? Send a Guest Access card to individuals without an Extend user account. Team members with their own business credit cards may also register their cards to begin sending virtual cards as needed.

How much does Extend cost?

It's free to get started with Extend! Check with your bank to confirm rebates on Extend transactions.

Do I still get rewards or rebates on virtual card transactions?

Yes! If you earn rewards through your commercial card program, you will still receive those benefits when using virtual cards. We even offer additional rebates with some participating bank partners.


How secure is Extend?

Extend is PCI compliant. We have robust security measures in place to protect all your card and PII data. We are also SOC2 compliant and use end-to-end encryption (TLS using SHA-256 with RSA Encryption) to ensure the security of your data

How safe are virtual cards?

Virtual cards were designed for security. A virtual card cannot be used beyond its spending limit or validity date, and it can be deactivated instantly with the push of a button. And for security purposes, we only expose the full virtual card number to the designated recipient, who receives an email with a secure link to their card details. Extend has also developed comprehensive notifications that can alert the account holder any time a virtual card is sent, used, or modified. 

Extend APIs

What is Extend's API?

Extend's API offers all the same features and functionality our business customers love, with a flexible integration, so you can create your custom payment solution, or embed virtual card creation and distribution within your existing business processes.

How does Extend's API work?

You can integrate our virtual card-issuing API into your workflows, whether it's your ERP, purchase order software, custom solution, or even product. The Extend API enables you to create rules and permissions for your payment needs. For more information, check out our developer docs.

How do I access Extend's API?

To access Extend’s virtual card API, please contact our customer success team.


What if I'm a bank and I want to offer Extend to my customers?

At Extend, we want to bring valuable payment solutions to businesses everywhere—your customers included! Contact our partnership team to learn more about working with us.

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