What's a virtual card?

Simply put, it’s a digital card with its own number, expiration date, and spending limit.

Using virtual cards safeguards against fraud, gives you better control over spending, and saves you time on tedious expense management.

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Create, send, and manage virtual cards for better business payments

Keep control and gain flexibility
Create, distribute, and manage cards for all kinds of business payments.
Your card is your business, not everyone’s
Safeguard the company card number and reduce the hassle of fraud and misuse.
Work smarter with savvy bookkeeping
Automate reconciliation and eliminate tedious expense processes with better data and tracking.
See everything, miss nothing
Understand spending across your organization in real time and avoid those end-of-the-month surprises.
Like those credit card rewards?
Leverage the company card more, improve cash flow, and maximize those rewards.

If you can charge it, pay with Extend

Create, send, and manage virtual cards for all your business payments and simplify expense processes.

  • Make secure vendor payments
    Stop leaving the same card on file. Use unique virtual cards to manage recurring payments and eliminate the hassle of fraud.
  • Easily track bill back expenses
    Use virtual cards to manage different project or client expenses, stick to budgets, and simplify reconciliation.
  • Gain visibility over ad hoc spending
    Create on-demand virtual cards for miscellaneous expenses and instantly categorize tail spend as it happens.
  • Control employee cards
    You can't give everyone their own company card. Instead, empower your workforce with virtual cards whenever they need one and eliminate out-of-pocket expenses.
Image of mobile phone with the Extend app showing Your Bank card with card information

Give your old card new features

In one easy-to-use app, manage card payments across all of your organization's spending needs.

  • Create virtual cards on demand
  • Set limits to control spend
  • Eliminate manual payment processes
  • Gain real-time visibility into spending

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Extend?
Extend is a simple app that lets you create and manage virtual cards with your existing credit card.
How does it work?
Connect a participating credit card or central bill account to Extend to start creating virtual cards on demand. There's no limit to the number of cards you can create.
Are Extend virtual cards accepted everywhere?
Yes! Extend virtual cards work anywhere that accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
Does Extend work with debit cards?
Currently, Extend only works with credit cards.