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Access market-ready services designed for your core banking systems and deliver new solutions to your business customers.

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Achieve meaningful innovation without radical transformation

We’ve integrated with the major networks and processors that support your services to develop innovative payment solutions for you and your customers.

Virtual card platform

Offer clients a ready-to-use virtual card solution alongside your commercial card programs.

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Card issuing APIs

Support emerging SaaS business opportunities through our aggregated suite of powerful APIs.

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Accelerate partner onboarding

Give secure API access to 3rd parties through one trusted gateway.

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New value for you and your customers

Innovate immediately

Extend’s services are market-ready with no development required.

Capture new spend volume

Support new use cases and increase revenue potential.

Grow your ecosystem

Break down the barriers for partnership and accelerate fintech onboarding.

Compete with neobanks

Offer the modern payment solutions businesses are looking for.

Strengthen loyalty

Embed valuable new services into clients payment processes.

Virtual card platform

An industry-leading virtual card platform for the industry’s leading commercial cards

Launch today or white label in weeks. Extend offers a ready-to-use commercial card platform that enables your business clients to create on-demand virtual credit cards and manage them with ease.

Easy enrollment

Enable instant client onboarding with the card in their pocket.

On-demand issuance

Cardholders can instantly create and send virtual cards to anyone.

Mobile wallet acceptance

Push true virtual cards to mobile wallets for acceptance at point of sale.

Complete oversight

Leverage robust card controls and real-time visibility over card activity to better manage spending.

Automatic reconciliation

Streamline processes with custom reference fields, receipt attachments, and expense integrations.

Virtual card APIs

A flexible suite of APIs for SaaS business clients

Support emerging payment and lending opportunities with our flexible suite of card-issuing APIs and tap into new volume from growing industries like Buy Now, Pay Later.

On-demand card issuing

Instantly create and distribute virtual cards to recipients with as little as an email address.

Real-time auth controls

Set card limits, time constraints, MCC blocks, and more.

Cards in wallet

Enable virtual cards in mobile wallets for use at point of sale.

Rich functionality

2-week development cycles for custom implementations.

White glove support

Get full support from our experts all the way through to launch

Accelerate partner onboarding

A trusted gateway for fintech integrations

Enhance your offerings with additional capabilities and onboard 3rd-party service providers more efficiently than ever.


Push cards directly to mobile wallets.


Verify card members.


Perform sanction screenings to vet non-cardholders.

Enriched data

Power expense or AP software with enriched data.

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Bring modern payment experiences to your customers with a partner that can help you innovate today and grow for years.

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